Optometry clinics

Optometry Clinics are the Frontline of Eyecare

Indeed, with the growing role of Optometrists, optometry clinics have become the frontline in Eyecare.  Therefore, the flow of referral and reporting out of optometry clinics has been increasing steadily over the last decade.

Multiple Optometrists are often working at each location and optometric assistants cannot keep track sometimes with the inbound and outbound flow. Sensitive communications about patients are often left unseen by doctors or even lost.

The Clinical Account in Optometry allows the clinic owner to assign a dedicated assistant to print a copy for paper filing or attach inbound and outbound e-communications to their local EMR. In Parallel, the optometrist keeps track of all his communications from his own Professional account, from anywhere.

The Clinical Account Manager has the duty of keeping his Profile up to date with Optometrists names, services offered, instruments available, opening hours, phone, fax, email, website, et more.

The Clinical Profile Inbox and Outbox allows clinical administrators to watch over the communications of all their professionals and assure higher standards in eye care.

Many Optometry Clinics are quite large today, offer specialized services and are growing into advanced imagery centers. From Myopic control services to dry eyes, to specialty contact lenses, to glaucoma, retina, cataract, and refractive surgery co-management, all require new standards in professional communication.