Teleconsultation Tools


Teleconsultation Tools

While posterior segment imagery has improved remote eye care management, biomicroscopes or electronic refractors remain inefficient to operate remotely.

Our Smart Refraction and Anterior Segment Imagery Solutions will empower your remote team to operate your tools with precision and stream the results into your EMR.

The First and Most Complete Refraction Software in the World

  • Easy to use and highly reproducible results
  • Incredibly valuable to standardise refraction
  • Built with the highest standards of Refraction Science in mind
  • A unique accommodative profiling process for best results
  • An algorithm that delivers hundreds of refraction options
  • Better time management for doctors and clinics
  • Lowers the need for remote control in Tele Optometry
  • Intended for Optometrists, Clinics and Refractive Surgery Centers

A Smart and Simple Anterior Segment 3D Imagery Software

  • A binocular smart phone-based camera system for slit lamps
  • Allows a three-dimensional viewing capability via Ipad
  • Designed to carry a specific set of images of the Anterior segment
  • Sets new ground for OD-MD tele-collaboration
  • Valuable to decrease patient wait time in Ophthalmology