Emergency Referral Management


Our On-Call MD system brings Exceptional Benefits to Emergency Eye Care

The Fastest Approach

We believe our On-Call MD system is the most efficient way to eliminate patient waiting time in the ER room. It is simple to use and is ideal when applicable in a region or a province.

On-Call Doctors Schedules

On-Call ophthalmologists, their assistants, or their hospitals, can easily share on-call schedules right from their accounts. This will allow optometrists to access a list of STAT providers and sort it by region or specialty.

Emergency Referral Forms

Following, a custom emergency referral form can be filled with the needed information and file attachments. It is then sent to the On-Call MD Inbox with an SMS notification holding the pdf itself for fast access.

Direct Communication

This mechanism allows a Direct and Fast Communication between the OD and the MD. It is highly valuable and time saving with a very big impact on patients’ speed of processing and on the On-Call MD quality of life.