Referral Management System



For Professionals and Clinics:

Our solution is based on two separate accounts dedicated for Professionals and their Clinics. Each account type is equipped with the needed tools to collaborate and manage. Clinical accounts are managed by local managers, nurses or assistants

Centralized Management Dashboard:

Review all your inbound and outbound referrals, reports and even prescriptions from your account. Send via a smart online fax and Receive Notifications online.

Centralized Repertories for Easy Search:

Our advanced repertories make it easy to search for a professional or a clinic to send your references or reports. Search by region and specialty you need.

Smart Filters for Smart Patient-Doctor Matching:

Profile Filters allow users to find the most appropriate doctor, with the most adequate specialty at the closest clinic. Filters such as Wait-Time, Surgical Capacity, and Specific Techniques are also becoming part of our Smart Matching Process.

Specialty-Specific Referral and Reporting Forms:

We have analyzed hundreds of Referral Forms and used that information to build a large set of interactive forms adapted for each specialty and sub-specialty in ophthalmology. The same approach was applied for Optometry Referral forms.

Smart Online Fax:

Our Online fax allows users to refer to any clinic via Fax, just like they usually do. Users can follow fax transmission live and receive an online Confirmation of Reception. It also allows unsent faxes to be easily tracked. Our Virtual Assistant is always online to help assist in any fax complication.

Inbox and Outbox:

Every Referral and Report, Sent or Received from any account, are stored online in an Inbox and Outbox System that allows its owner to manage, sort and search with ease. Every communication can be sent via fax or electronically.

Reduced Staff Processing Time:

Save on staff time by managing all referral and reports from your online account. No more waiting at the fax, using a paperless process, no stamps, no email, and no phone calls to manage. Even the Patient receives a copy by email.

Virtual Assistant for All Accounts:

Our Virtual Assistant is available for any communication problem you might face. Whether your fax did not go, or if you need to update any listing information, our assistant is always there for you and will act at the right speed and do the necessary validations with any clinic in Canada to assure your referral is well received.