Access to ophthalmologists has never been as easy

Finding the right Ophthalmologist has been a challenge for Optometrists.

Most ophthalmologists work at multiple clinics and hospitals. Many works beyond their known specialty, regularly acquire new tools and techniques, have long waiting lists, or perform different services at different locations.

Further, multiple referral and report forms are used by doctors and clinics, information on forms vary, and doctors have different expectations as to what to receive from optometrists.

Once the optometrist finds the right provider and fills up the right form, he is faced with the challenge of getting it through, safe, clear, and hopefully into the right hands and on time. Shall it be sent by fax? by email? Given by hand? by mail?

That process is tedious for optometrists, time consuming, unclear, and often puts the patient at risk of delays and mismatching issues. It also causes frustration for Ophthalmologists who often receive wrong and incomplete referrals.

At Retinahub, we have resolved referral issues. Today, hundreds of Optometrists are using our Referral Management System and their experience has never been as simple. Over 25,000 referrals have been delivered into Ophthalmology clinics and hospitals through out Quebec.

So how can the platform benefit ophthalmologists?

Your Professional Profile is your most important asset as it allows optometrists to find you, follow you with ease and send you the exact type of cases you wish to consult most. Keep your profile up to date, with your locations of practice, services you offer, techniques and tools you use. Share your picture, your education, you assistant’s info, and any news you wish to announce etc…

You can also share your On-Call schedule, bypass the ER room, and allow optometrists in your Network to send their STAT referrals directly to your SMS, while your phone remains private.

Keep an eye on your referrals live as they enter and irrespective of where you work. Benefit from our analytics to gain visibility into your year, sort by service, referrer, clinic and more.