A Closed Feedback Loop for Each Referral



Live Feedback Loop:

Referrers are most faithful to your clinic when you communicate well with them about their patient. Our smart referral management tools allow the Receiver to inform the Referrer live of the status of their patient regarding the patient admission, appointment date, and more.

Patient Admission Confirmation:

The most important Feedback is to confirm whether a patient is admitted into a receiving clinic or not. The date and time are registered, and the Referrer is immediately notified.

Online Appointment Confirmation:

Once the clinic gives the patient a date, that date can also be shared via the platform and pushed live to the sender. While awaiting the appointment, multiple status options can be used from both collaborators to keep everyone up to date regarding the appointment.

Chat and File Exchange :

And why not equip the loop with a live chat between both collaborators? Whether the receiver needs further info and imagery to be shared or whether the Sender needs to update the Receiver with new information, the chat system is there to assure the discussion remains open until the patient is seen.

Reports Return to Referrer:

Following the visit, a report can be returned via the platform to update the sender. Whether your EMR generates a pdf report, or whether it is handwritten or even created using Retinahub’s reporting system, all will be shared seamlessly with notifications to the Sender’s Inbox.

Real-Time Notifications For both ends:

Notifications are an integral part of our day-to-day life. Therefore, we designed our platform to allow both collaborators to stay informed through an automated notification system built with referral management in mind.