Improved Management Analytics


Improved Management Analytics

Real-Time Metrics for a Better Visibility

Gain insights using real-time referral analytics, including volume, trends, leakage rate, wait times, admission rate, etc. Use all that data to improve your practice outcome and overall satisfaction.

Standard Reports

Our Standard Reports can include a set of information that we consider useful for any practice. Look at your inbound traffic and sort it per referring clinic or doctor, period, specialty, or by your providers.

Custom Reports for All Organization Types

If you have specific reports that require custom adaptations, we are more than happy to set it for you when we create your account the first time.

Automatic Report

Some reports can be set to be sent to you once a day, once a week or more. Fact is, some reports will help you improve your day-to-day operations while others give you a macro view for an in depth management.