About Us


About Us

Retinahub is a telemedicine tech start-up based in Québec, that has been providing referral management in vision care throughout the province, since 2019. It is the result of a collaboration between optometrists, ophthalmologists and various computer engineers and software developers in the field of healthcare. The company was initially launched to cure the communication breakdown between eye care providers, specifically, optometrists and ophthalmologists. With almost one out of two patients not receiving adequate care due to poor communication between health systems, Retinahub’s objective was to resolve the process of referral and reporting management between optometrists and ophthalmologists by building a solution dedicated for referral management. The platform grew quickly to accommodate a variety of collaborative activities required by eye care providers to better serve their patients. Retinahub made it also possible to regroup, reorganize and optimize communication systems between the two main services, but also with family doctors and pharmacists.

The initial platform proved quickly successful through an extensive validation period of two years, with hundreds of optometrists and clinics subscribed on the platform for free, and through strategic pilot projects with optometry and ophthalmology clinics. Today, we can safely declare that we have measured a significant improvement in quality of care at these clinics, confirmed a reduction of patient leakage from networks, and a much higher doctor, staff, and patient satisfaction. Retinahub improves practitioner communication and patient care in demonstrably measurable ways. Today, Retinahub allows any optometrists, ophthalmologists at any location in Québec and soon throughout Canada, to route patients to the best and most appropriate provider while providing comprehensive patient communication and support.

From our beginnings as a referral management company, we have seen our solution grow into a full suite of professional collaboration tools all managed through one portal allowing user access to multiple partner platforms through single sign-on. The platform grew to include a bidirectional Referral Management Dashboard embedded into each referral creating a loop environment for proper management and communication between the concerned parties, an emergency management module that puts optometrists with on-call ophthalmologists for fast processing outside the emergency room, a tele-consult module for tele-interpretation by ophthalmologists allowing a faster processing time of patients, a pharmacy module for e-prescriptions adapted for vision care and a capacity to deliver and renew prescriptions into any pharmacy in Quebec, an advanced doctor and clinic profiling system allowing smart matching between a patient and their ideal provider, and a clear system to keep patients informed and educated about the referral process, via email or sms, delivering by that an exceptional experience for providers and patients.

The solution was carefully designed to allow a smooth transition from fax-based, often hand-written referral systems to an online Referral Management System (RMS), through faster and clearer workflows and an incredible amount of saved time for all caregivers, nurses, assistants and finally, the patient.

Founded in Québec Canada, Retinahub is a Software-as-a-Service platform, based on a smart architecture using cutting edge technology designed for quality, scalability, and performance. Using modern tools, our team can add majors features in a matter of days, giving our customers a positive impact on their practice performance and cost of operation. The platform is in the process of acquiring HIPAA-compliance certification and has been meeting since its inception rigorous security standards that matches any professional supplier on the market.

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