News and Press


News and Press

Partnership with Eyelabs Group: Retinahub is proud to announce its partnership with Eyelabs Group based in France, Canada and the UEA as part of its interest to establish the foundations of Computer-Assisted refraction in North America. For that purpose, Retinahub has the mandate to develop the first Refraction Software in the world, that will be commercialized under the name ISEE. – February 22nd, 2022.

Partnership with Nidek and Innova: We are happy to announce to you that we were granted full access to Nidek Electronic Refractors as part of our effort to deliver the first Refraction Software in the world. We thank the Innova Group of Canada for their trust. We also thank Nidek SA France and Japan for their continued support and trust. – March 21st, 2023.

Agreement with Penta Group: We are proud to announce an agreement with Penta Group Inc., to carry a Pilot Project with the largest optical retailer in the middle east. The Study will take place across 15 optometry clinics scattered throughout the middle east, allowing their Dubai head office to carry tele-refraction across multiple multiple countries. – May 18th, 2022.

Partnership with Light-X: We are excited to announce to you that we are working closely with Light-X Innovations, to offer optometrists and ophthalmologists in Canada a smart imagery Software for the anterior segment. This solution is intended to provide users on Retinahub with a powerful tool that will contribute to decreasing the waiting time for services, especially in glaucoma suspects and anterior segment disease commonly observed at optometry clinics. It will also be used as part of tele-optometry models developed by Retinahub. – June 18st, 2022.

Partnership with University of Montreal: Starting the winter session 2023, and in collaboration with the teleconsultation lab of the school of Optometry under Dr Jean-Marie Hanssens, we will start a North American study to validate our Refraction Software ISee. ISee will be of incredible value to improve tele-refraction and on-site refraction in Canada and the World. – Juillet 12, 2022.

Vision Show and V2 Release: We are excited to unveil to our users in Québec our updated Retinahub version that will be presented at the Salon de la Vision on October 21 and 22nd 2022. Besides its advanced Referral Management System, Retinahub will present the first Tele-Ophthalmology solution as part of its collaboration with Light-X Innovations. And finally, we will be presenting to Optometrists the first Refraction Software in the world, ISee. ISee is the result of a multinational collaboration between France and Canda. – September 12 th, 2022.