Tools for Practices & Hospitals



One Account, Multiple Administrators:

Your Clinical Account is designed to be managed by local assistants, nurses, administrators with multiple level of permissions.

Load you Profile Settings for Optimal Referral Inflow:

Maximize your referral inflow or simply optimize the quality, by filling the right information in your Profile. Keep your collaborators informed about Professionals working at your clinic, services you offer, equipment you use, your opening hours, surgical capacity and even waiting time. Add to your Profile any keyword you wish referrers to find you with and we will make it part of your profile fingerprint.

Sort Referrals by Urgency, Period, or Provider:

Use our platform to manage all your inbound referrals and sort them by Provider, by Period, and even better, by urgency levels. Numerous filtering approaches can be customized to your clinical management needs.

Network Building Module with Easy Search:

Your Referrers are your most important asset. Our Networking module allows you to search our repertories easily and load your collaborators into your Network. The system will send them a custom message with an invitation to join your online Platform and share with them the needed info to operate.

New Leads Notification:

Let us do the work and send you a notification when a Referrer is newly listed in your area. Verify their profile and send them an invitation to join. This will save you time searching for new leads and will keep your Referrers database growing.

Private Messaging and File Exchange:

Send or receive private messages with any professional in your Network and beyond. We have also equipped your clinical account to view and store file attachments received as part of your inbound referrals. Referring doctors can simply attach any file to their reference while sending it to your Inbox.

Refer-it-Forward and Keep-it-Tracked:

How often you receive referrals that you cannot admit for various reasons? Why not Forward it to another Clinic that offers the right service or has a lower waiting time? The Refer-it Forward is a great management option to assure patients get examined on time, while keeping the initial referrer always in the loop.