Smart Online Fax



Retinahub Outbound Fax:

Our Fax system allows you to send from your account using our online referral forms via online fax to any ophthalmology cabinet, optometry clinic, hospital, refractive surgery center, pharmacy, and to over 14,000 medical doctors in Quebec.

Centralized Inbound Fax:

To fully centralize your referral management, we can connect your inbound faxes to be received, viewed, and managed from the same Inbox of your Clinical account.

Fax Transmission Confirmation:

To bring the needed assurance to your practice, our Fax System will automatically fetch a Transmission Confirmation and store it for you, attached to your referral form.

Transmission Error Flag:

Just like any fax, sometimes an online fax cannot go through, mostly due to issues on the receiver fax. Our Smart Fax will try multiple times before it adds a red flag to your referral to notify you. Our virtual assistant is always stand-by to contact any clinic that gets flagged for fax issues.