Facilitate interprofessional collaboration

An INBOX and web application that allows the exchange of necessary information for the health of their patients

An INBOX and web application that allows the exchange of necessary information for the health of their patients

Centralized communication compared to classics

RETINAHUB is the result of all the difficulties encountered by optometrists and ophthalmologists when working together. Indeed, with the evolution of responsibilities in optometry, communication between the two professions has increased greatly, while their tools have not seen any evolution. So it was natural to think of a modern and secure approach for better co-management of patients.

The professional account:

Each professional user has their own account equipped with an electronic sending and / or receiving inbox, but also an online fax, an email and an internal mailbox. Finally, all communication methods are centralized on a single secure platform.

The clinic account:

The clinical accounts in ophthalmology or in optometry are operated by their appointed clinical managers. A professional can claim the account of his own clinic. This will give him the ability to view the online inbox as well as any medical imaging.

The directories:

Through professional and advanced clinical directories that are equipped with several search filters, RETINAHUB allows you to deliver a reference, a report, or a pharmaceutical prescription towards any collaborater, that is an optometrist, an ophthalmologist, a family doctor or a pharmacist.

RetinaHub is first and foremost a management system for managing references and reports between all eye care professionals in all optometry clinics, ophthalmology offices, hospitals and refractive surgery centersin Canada.


RetinaHub provides an architecture that facilitates the communication between various professionals as well as their points of services (OD clinic, MD office, hospital, refractive surgery center).

Specialized in interprofessional collaboration

RetinaHub offers optometrists and ophthalmologists a solution to facilitate the 'inter-professional collaboration' through a web platform that allows the exchange of necessary information for the health of their patients

Save time

Create your referrals and reports while minimizing the time you have to write. This Referral and Reporting platform was created for better efficiency, You will spend less time referring and reporting, it is guaranteed.

Save money

Paper, printer ink, files, storage space, additional administrative hours ... All these costs will be considerably reduced, or entirely eliminated, thanks to the digital transformation of your clinical practice.

Well secured platform

Security in RetinaHub is our primary concern. Indeed, RetinaHub engineers have great expertise in medical archiving and network security, specifically in radiology, the most advanced field in Canada.

Trusted by hundreds of optometrists and ophthalmologists

Referrals and Reports


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